Our History

Latam trading group was founded by a group of professionals with more of 15 years of experience in the international trading market; it initiated its activities in the Brazilian market, operating from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama and USA. Latam trading group is a trading organization, we trade actively in a wide range of commodities, technology, and any tradable product both domestically and internationally.

Latam trading group seeks to identify and capture opportunities in the global markets by leveraging and integrating technology, risk management and quantitative research. We have acquired extensive knowledge and built an organizational infrastructure that enables us to efficiently access the financial markets. Applying our experience, we have organically developed viable and diverse trading strategies that have positive expected value relative to their associated risks. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we are constantly helping international business by offering international trading to our clients, making offer and demand get closer.

An integral aspect of Latam trading group business is our approach to risk management. By definition, as market professionals, we take financial risk. In order to do so confidently, we devote ourselves to understanding and measuring the risks associated with our trading strategies.

Latam trading group is headquartered in Buenos Aires and has offices in San Pablo, US and London. We currently employ over 50 people worldwide from many different disciplines and backgrounds.